DiVERSEified - "It's all about the VERSE."

Upcoming Events - Summer 2017

I currently have the pleasure of performing with a great group of talented Oregon musicians known as the DiVERSEified Band. It's all about the "VERSE."

This group came together recently and have been working on original material for the past few months. Meeting up to share their passion for creating good music, the material they play is a collection of original songs reflecting a eclectic mix of Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Blues sounds.

They write and play songs about love and life with a distinctive flavor. Featuring Vocals, guitars, violin, keyboard and drums each musician brings a long background of playing with various forms of bands spreading over many years. From Orchestras, to Worship teams, to Rock and Blues bands, to Big Band Jazz to Small Combos and Music Theater.

Jim Bain and Brian Coons are the principle songwriters who both create works of great beauty and sensitivity, as well as Rockin' Rhythm and Blues based tunes. The music is truly DiVERSEified.

Bono & Eugene Peterson | THE PSALMS

This short 20 minute film is a great meeting of the of the minds between Bono of U2 and writer Eugene Peterson who translated the Bible into what is known as "The Message." Both from very different walks of life, these are some remarkable people who continue to make tremendous contributions to our world and to an understanding of the roles art and culture play in our time.
Well worth the time hear and think about ...


New Day of God's Grace

Here's a fresh re-mix of a tune I originally wrote under the title "God's Grace."  I've changed a bit of the production and rebalanced the sound some. Follow the link below to listen to the SoundCloud file. Comments welcome.