Sound Check for the Eclipse

I took this shot with my little Fujifilm point and shoot camera, no planning, no special filters, just a point and shoot snapshot. I decided not to make any special effort to get a photo. I just didn’t want to miss the experience of it. I figured there will be a bazillion Eclipse photos better than I could do so I didn’t sweat it.

Some people have said the light was like dusk. I thought of it more like a moonlit night with an extremely bright full moon once my eyes had gotten used to the low light. I noticed it getting darker and darker ... and cooler and cooler about 20 minutes before the totality. 

Traffic where I live was a little higher than normal before the few hours surrounding the Eclipse, but not by much. The heavy traffic was on the nearby Interstate. Other roads leading south and east were the heaviest with traffic on Friday and Saturday. Sunday seemed fairly light going east, but there seemed to be more careless drivers around. I saw more wrecks than usual. The biggest traffic day was Monday after the event. I heard some reports that it took 4 or 5 hours to get from my area to up to the city of Portland. I'm glad I didn’t have to go anywhere. 

I played a music gig the night before the big Eclipse at a farm several miles away from the city. That was fun. Campers had come there from all over the Western US to witness the eclipse. It was cool playing out amongst the trees with a large group of campers. Beautiful place, nice people, very well managed for a private campground as opposed to a public facility. Nice.

My band Di-VERSE-ified, doing a pre-Eclipse sound check.

 I hadn’t thought of it before but “Sound Check for the Eclipse” would be a good name for some kind of Jazzy instrumental collection.  Some people talked about listening to Pink Floyd while watching the Eclipse.  I was listening to some Public Broadcasting System radio out of Salem, so I could hear a live play by play report with sounds of people going "ooooooh" and "ahhh, ooooh, ahhh" as things progressed. 

I don’t know if there is anything to it or not, but it felt like gravity was somehow less with both the sun and the moon in alignment.  It was an amazing sight to see. I couldn’t stop saying “WOW.”  My picture doesn’t do justice to what it actually looked like. I had a strong emotional response and sense of community feeling during the moment of Totality.  I also felt a certain sense of it as if God was saying … “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

So yesterday, I started a painting of the Eclipse. I think it’s going to turn out nicely. While viewing the Eclipse directly for those few brief moments I saw that it had both a blue and red kind of aura around the moon like nothing I’ve ever seen before, so I’m going to try a paint that at least in my own impressionistic way. I'll post the image when it's done. 

The Eclipse itself has to be one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen in life. I can certainly see why people feel compelled to chase after these things all over the globe.  I’m glad I was here in the path of Totality, even if just by luck, or maybe some greater plan. Who knows?

I love the concept of so many people just looking up to the heavens and forgetting about all the mess down here on earth. I want to carry that feeling forward and keep a higher focus in my vision. Not ignoring all the troubles on earth but knowing God is really there, and he’s saying to me, “Don’t worry … I’ve got this.”

A Clown's Work ...

In memory of the passing of the great Jerry Lewis. A brilliant comedian, and a great humanitarian. The world is a better place for the time he spent among us blessing us with his antics and his efforts to benefit those suffering from a disease and who without his help would have been unable to help themselves.  Thank you Jerry Lewis for making us laugh with your sense of humor and impeccable sense of timing.