Writing Faster and More Efficiently

I've found this to be true that writing faster can give you a better sense of focus and help generate more creative ideas. I put this into practice on my most recent writing project and finished the whole 1st draft of the novel in approximately 25 days. 

Sure the story required some re-writing and a little tweaking, but now that the story ideas are down, and the basic writing is complete, now I have only to make corrections, polish, and improve the final product. 

Looking forward, the challange is to repeat the same process again, and again, improving with each successive project. I've found a formula that works for me, and has made the whole writing process more of a joy, and an exploration rather than a task.

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Walking Backwards May be Good for Your Brain

I've always believed that this was true. I remember back in my early days of Jogging and Running, we would frequently walk or run backwards and talk with one another as we took our backward steps down the road. It was always a relaxing break from the running in that it used different muscles and skills. Who knew that it might actually be good for you. Leave it to the backward asian countries to make it a common practice. Well I'm off for a backward walk.

Walking Backwards May be Good for Your Brain

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20-year-old's unique approach to keeping kids in school. [VIDEO]

This is very similar to the kinds of things we used to do with our bicycles when I was growing up. 

One of our favorite things was to inflate balloons and attach them to the spokes of the bike wheels to make them sound like motorcycles. This worked great until the balloons would pop, and then we would just put another one on. 

You could hear us rolling down the street as a group, it was great fun and helped keep us all out of trouble.

20-year-old's unique approach to keeping kids in school. [VIDEO]

The other thing we liked doing would be to set up slalom courses for either bikes or skateboards and see who could do the best at zig-zagging around the obstacles. 

We made some day long bike rides to a nearby town, and then ride back in the same day. It helped that we also had some long hills, and that always made the return trip fast and fun.

The video shows a great idea for inner city kids to help them focus on something positive and help them create something of value for themselves. I hope this young man can realize his dream and build a thriving business with Scraperbikes. Very cool!