Questions Journal -- Make a Habit of Collecting Questions

One of the more interesting writing habits I've developed over many years is the habit of collecting questions.  I've collected all kinds of questions from random self-reflecting kinds of things, to very specific and business oriented questions. 

I've had a long and varied career working in everything from music and the arts, to high tech manufacturing, software quality assurance, and to world wide product support and project management with some quite successful ventures.

These experiences led me to create long lists of questions for thousands of situations.  Here's one that I captured in my journal along with a personal response.

For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?
My answer to this question is probably different from what it would have been a few years ago. But even then, I had already begun to consider making a move to a distant place to try and find a better life.  

That's when I first made a trip to the Island of Guam, thinking I might move there more or less permanently at that point. I also realized that I might not see many of my most important friends or family members for a long, long time, or possibly never again. 

It was both exciting and sad as I recall. But due to many unforeseen circumstances a permanent move just didn’t work out for me and I returned to the mainland of North America. I spent much of the next several years working in the high tech industry, until circumstances changed again, and life again turned in a new direction.

On the one hand,  it would be possible to make a major move and not look back, but at the same time, I feel as though I’m less likely to do something like that now, even though I do have friends who have made that choice. I’m concerned about the state of the world, the rise of more and more terrorist activities, especially involving air travel. That kind of thing makes me just want to stay put, keep my feet on the ground and not take part in any unnecessarily risky behavior.  So, I’m hesitant to even think about it these days.
But to answer the question more specifically, for a person I deeply loved and who I believed shared the same love for me, I would consider it. But honestly, I would have to be so confident and sure of the relationship, and the success of our being together before I would seriously even think of taking a chance of not seeing family or friends ever again. 

I know it's easy for some people to take this kind of risk, but most of them are approximately 20 years of more younger than I am now.  Twenty years ago I was willing to take that risk, even without a person I deeply loved, just for the adventure of it. Today I feel less need for the big adventure as I've already lived out many of my dreams of adventure. 

I know that there are still many adventures ahead, and plenty of things to see and do in the more immediate world around us. Sometimes the greatest adventures, the keys to joy and bliss can be found right in our own back yards.

Like Dorothy in the film version of The Wizard of Oz found;  every thing she dreamed of was not to be found in some far away land, but in her own heart, and with those nearest to her.  To quote performance artist Laurie Anderson "Heaven is like where you are right now, only much, much better."