In the Studio ...

In the early 1980s we recorded this Gospel tune called "Leave It In His Hands." The group was called Solid Foundation.

The cut here is a Gospel tune written by Neila Moore and recorded by her Ministry group Solid Foundation. The song was recorded at a small local studio called Little Oak Sound, with some help from Engineer Jim Gaines. Written for a Church Conference in the early 1980's the song was well received by a large crowd of new Pastors during an ordination ceremony. I played drums for this recording. Ron Neuman also played bass and added some vocal harmonies. Linda Drung played keyboards.  Jim Gaines, Ron Neuman, and I all had a hand in the engineering duties.

Check out the Track:   "Leave It In His Hands"

TED talk on how to read Chinese. It's Chineasy.

This short TED talk by Shaolan Hsueh is a great primer that provides an understanding of some of the fundamentals to reading Chinese characters. With eight simple characters she begins to unlock an understanding that can be used to eventually be able to read at a basic level of most commonly used Chinese words. Follow this link view the video.

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More Cowbell . . .

For those who have been asking, here is some more Cowbell.

I posted this picture originally in Facebook as a response to so many people who keep referencing the Saturday Night Live bit about the recording session where the producer (played by Christopher Walken)  comes out over and over again saying, "I need more cowbell."  Which eventually works up to the statement that  . . . "I've got a fever, and the only thing that will satisfy it is More Cowbell. I Need More Cowbell."  The dutiful cowbell player (played by Will Ferrell) proudly clanks away exhibiting all the tensions and resolve that so frequently occurs when musician struggle over issues of volume, speed, tempo or what ever.  It's a funny bit, and most people  know have seen it when it was first broadcast many years ago, April 8, 2000 if I am correct.

So, now approximately 13 years later the joke keeps getting referenced over and over again which is the reason for my posting.  Lately I've taken to re-writing the joke.  Certain Drumming Community websites, the ones the post hundreds of random pictures of drums, and drummers have shown a few with extra large bass drums.  I've added my comments as, "I've got a fever and the only thing that will satisfy it is More Bass Drum . . . I need More Bass Drum."