God's Grace

Here's a tune I wrote several years ago that I call God's Grace.

I played and sang most of the parts, with a little help from Doug Barnes on Bass, and Ozell C Large adding some extra vocals as well.

I had just bought a new laptop and loaded some recording software onto it and the words and the melody just came to me one morning as the sun was just rising in the east.

I sang the first lyric recordings into the tiny built in mic on the laptop and it didn't sound to bad. I then re-recorded the piece a number of times adding and changing things as I went along.

I have done further mixes and changes since this one, and will post at least one of those up in the near future. I hope you like it.

Jon Anderson and the the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Tonight I watched Jon Anderson on HDNET's Concert Series with the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra and was moved to tears by the beauty of the music they were performing.

If you haven't had a chance to see and listen to this concert by Jon Anderson and the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra, you really should. The 112 member Orchestra together with their Choir combined with Jon Anderson's music is a joy to behold. Some of these songs date back to his days writing and performing with the progressive rock band YES. Performed by this youthful group, these songs have new life in the orchestral sense, and a magnified by the vitality provided by these young musicians. Jon Anderson noted that the Harpist, who does and exceptionally fine job, is only ten years old. Most, if not all of the players appear to be approximately 18 years old or younger. At any rate, the concert provides some beautiful music and moments.

All this got me curious about Jon Anderson, and what he's been doing over the last many years, and it appears that he has been quite busy. Even after some serious health problems that brought him close to death, his writing and performing is still in fine form, although he rarely appears with YES the group who helped put him on the map, still he stands alone with the strength of his musical vision, much of which he provided to YES and had a lot to do with their success.

Several years ago I had heard this song "The Only Thing I Need" by the Christian Vocal Group 4Him on the Radio, and recorded back in 1999. But I noticed the distinctive vocals and style that could only be Jon Anderson, and sure enough Jon had both written and performed the song with 4Him.

I just love the song, and the distinctive Jon Anderson / YES style of the Vocals. I hope you enjoy it also.