Script Frenzy Project Completed

I recently completed work on the screenplay version of my Nanowrimo 2010 novel: Voices - Book One. A Psychological Drama / Mystery about the voices that people hear in their heads, and what happens to them when they choose to respond, or not to respond to them. The choices made may be deadly or result in unintended consequences.

Log Line: In a dangerous and sometimes violent world, one man must choose between the two women he loves and the unpredictable consequences of his choices.

Having completed the first draft of the screen play based on the book there is still much re-writing and editing to do. The ongoing work will be sceduled in with the other wrting project still in progress, along with new projects currently in development.

Another novel, started in July is about half way done, but is currently in a holding pattern due to other important life events happening in this same time period. Life is sometimes complicated. But on we go, can't wait until the next project is ready for completion.