How was your weekend?

Funny you should ask.

My weekend is off to weird start. Because of the heavy rain I decided that I needed to try and fix a leaky downspout that was flooding the pump house, nothing serious,  just wanted to get it fixed as a safety precaution.

So I had already put my dirty clothes into the laundry to run while I was doing other things like fixing the rain spout. So I'm out in the rain, in my bath robe, wrestling with the leaky gadget, eventually I get a small improvement and I think it's better, but I'm not sure yet.

So then the washing machine completes its cycles and so I go to unload it to transfer everything over to the dryer on the other side of the room.  As I'm bending over to unload the wash, I'm also thinking about another problem I’m having some frustrations with, so I'm not really paying close attention to what I'm doing.  Then I pull out some clothes and BAM, I hit the top of my head on the sharp edge of the window frame.  OUCH, I say, and then put my hand up to feel for a bump on my head, and then I notice the spot is bleeding a little, I can't quite see the top of my head, so I notice the red substance on my hands and think ... I better go take a look in the mirror. I get a hand mirror and it's still hard to see the back of my head with two mirrors, but then I see a big one-inch gash right in the middle of my bald spot on the back of my head.

I'm looking around for band aids, but all I can find are little small ones.  So then I grab some toilet paper and fold it over a few times and start to soak up the blood, changing it over and over for a few minutes, until I remember there might be some bigger band aids in the other bathroom on the other side of the house. I open up a large band aid, but can't quite get it placed right on the back of my head accurately and have to try a second time. Finally I get another band aid placed and the bleeding stops.  So I've been wearing a hat all day.

By this time it's raining very hard again, and I notice my efforts to fix the leak have failed, so I wait until the rain stops and I go out and find a tarp just large enough to cover the little pump house and keep the water from leaking into it, Praise the Lord for small victories.

All of this is kind of funny to me because last night I watched the Robert Redford movie ALL IS LOST. In the film -- if you've seen it you might remember -- he is out on the ocean in his little sailboat all alone sleeping until he realizes his boat has a hole in it and is quickly filling up with water.  So the whole film has just one actor, Robert Redford, and just shows him trying to cope with one problem after another to try to keep from sinking in the middle of the ocean.

So today, I felt like that character, running around the house trying to take care of all these little issues and problems, one after another. So that is how my weekend has begun.  Fortunately I have a sub drummer playing for me at church this week end so I don't have to show my big bandaged head. 

Yesterday I was cleaning out some file drawers and found some old report cards for kindergarten, thru 6th grade, and it was very interesting to see that some of my most basic character traits are still the same now as when I was in pre-school and the early grades.  Ha ... some things never change. But that is another story.

Did you see my cartoons I sent to you earlier?

Here is another -- See attached: 

I like this little guy in the hat … the other guy here is obviously me, on a better day.


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