Ready, Set, Draw . . .

By Jeff Patterson

Today I've been posting a number of my drawings on Facebook for all of my friends and friends of friends to see.  I'm not a professional by any means, but I do enjoy drawing.  I like the idea of starting with nothing and developing a simple idea into something that communicates. That's why I like to spend much of my time writing, drawing, creating new music, or making photographs of people and things that populate the world around me.

Some writers whom I've read recently said that if you want to be really good at something you have to be willing to do it poorly, to take risks, and make mistakes.  You have to be able to risk failure, and even experience failure repeatedly if you want to really succeed.  Failing, or making mistakes is never pleasant, but it is all in how you handle it, how you look at it, and what you learn in the process that makes all the difference.  If you fail a thousand times, at least you've learned a thousand things that won't work, and you're that much closer to finding out what will work.

This brings me back to the drawings I've been working with today.  For me, I like drawing, not that I do it all that well, but every drawing I do is a learning experience. I learn something, someway to do it better each time that I create a new drawing.  Some of them are original ideas, others are inspired by the work of others, but they all seem to come out uniquely my own.  Just creating something is half the fun.  The other part is having people see and appreciate my work, so please comment if you're so moved.  I need the sense of validation and encouragement.  If you have compaints, please kindly keep them to yourself, my ego has been bruised enough to last a lifetime.  Please be kind.

The more I draw the more I develop my technnique. I've always been one to learn by doing. By teaching myself I gain a very solid understanding of what I'm doing.  Not that I'm against learning from others.  I believe it is always good to gain knowledge from other people, if only to learn what not to do, so you don't have to make the same mistakes that others have made.  I like to make my own mistakes, because then when I do get it right I win, I really win, and I've truely learned something and made it my own.

Here are a few more samples of my work:

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