Next Steps

I'm making good progress now, working several different projects every day. 

One of the projects I want to discuss today is the cartooning, or drawing projects I'm doing.  I've been working on developing some cartoonish characters, mostly by drawing faces and upper bodies together.  In some instances I'm going back to some earlier drawings and redrawing those early characters with a bit more refinement and skill.  I'm at the stage where I want to expand my efforts at drawing these characters.  I plan to do that by drawing several sets of the same characters, but from many different angles and with several different expressions.  I'll run each character through a range of emotions and facial expressions, and different body postures. 

Would you like to dance?

Eventually once the drawing gets up to an acceptable level, then I plan to begin plugging the characters into some story lines, or jokes, or whatever I come up with.  I need to also begin thinking about what kind of environments and locations I might be able to place the characters into.  But much of that will depend on the stories I'm trying to tell.

I fully expect that these characters will begin to take on a life of their own.  They will develop individual personalities, and I suspect that I may even be shocked at some of the things that will develope with these people.  I'll try and remember to treat them kindly.  I hope they don't become too unruly or out of control.  This will be interesting to watch as it goes along.

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