Koinonia: Celebration - Live from Montreux 1984

Koinonia: Love this, all of them, but especially Abraham Laboriel. It doesn't get much better than this anywhere. I liked these guys music way back when, I just wished they had been more well known in the States. They were awesome in my book. The cut is worth watching for the whole 14:40 minutes, especially for Abraham Laboriel's bit at the end somewhere after the 12:00 minute mark. This is an example of giving it your all, and leaving it all out on the stage. Love it. By the way . . . The Kit drummer, Bill Maxwell was the producer and drummer on most of Keith Green's recordings. And of course Alex Acuna is a legend in his own right.

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  1. Big fan of all the Koinonia players. I wish they'd done much more together


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