A Time of New Beginnings

      It was only a few short months ago when it all began, or it may have started many years ago, this will be a question for the historians to debate.  All I know, is that one door closed and another opened, and now I am following the open path.  I was a common ordinary kind of guy, one of the corporate workers at "The Big Company," when I got the call from the folks in middle management telling me, that my position was going away.  This set in motion a whole series of changes.  But first, I had to step back and think about what I really wanted.  I could have just pushed for another similar position in "The Big Company," but I felt there was actually a brighter and more exciting future on the outside, so I made my choice and left the Golden Handcuffs behind to persue my passions, to follow my heart and see where it leads. So now, only a few short months later I have to confess that I am living my dreams.  I've always wanted to live the creative life, and now I'm doing that, focusing on writing, making music, doing more and more photography, painting, drawing, and really thinking about life, and about the issues of our time.
       So, I'm very happy to be launching this new blog.  As The Time Keeper's Journal grows and expands, I plan to bring in some of the creativity and share it with my readers, and maybe help others to have the courage to go after their dreams and goals, to venture out beyond the simple day to day world of working just to make a paycheck with the hopes of really making a difference, or at least leaving a trail of creative effort, and works of art that can be enjoyed by those who follow.

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